where enemies become friends
      _______  _______  _______  __   __  ______  ______
     |       ||   _   \|   _   ||  | |  ||      ||      \
the  |.      ||.  l   /|.  |   ||. \ |  ||.  ___||.  /   |
     |__   __||.  _   1|.  |   ||. |\|  ||.     ||.  /   |
     |.      ||:  |   ||:  |   ||: | |  ||:  ___||:  /   |
     |l.. :. ||l:.|:. ||l:. :. ||l.| |. ||l:   .||l:   ./  curtain
     `-------'`--- ---'`-------'`--- ---'`------'`-----'
                                   using 128 characters
This is The Ironed Curtain ibowman 0719151057

I woke up and decided to contribute.

I thought to write a technically oriented blog. And I started doing that. But I didn't like the look or functionality of any of the blog platforms I tried. I could have simply settled or compromised for the existing solutions, but that would not be very technically oriented, would it?

So then I thought to write a blog, as in coding one. And I got started on such a project, using Python.

Holy crap that was a lot of work for the average night or weekend. But the more I learned about templating languages, like Jinja, the more I realized I could create what I wanted by building a theme with a templating language, like Jinja... if only I could find a suitable platform to run that on top of. And one day, I found it.

Introducing THE IRONED CURTAIN, where enemies become friends using 128 characters. In addition to the blog, TIC is a minimal Pelican theme written by yours truly, available for download on GitHub.

Click around on this blog and you'll see how fast everything loads. That is due to the distinct lack of the following.

distracting ads

pointless graphics

inefficient flash code

knee-jerk political pretense forgettable after 24 hours

meaningless lists that add no value to the world

THE IRONED CURTAIN uses the ASCII character set, as well as bold font-weight for hyperlinks. That's it. The entire thing could be transcribed by a hipster equipped with a manual typewriter.

Looking ahead, this blog will be about technology, sometimes. It will more of the time be about details. It is in details that we are all unique, and I hope you will find the content here to be unique, as well.